red-ribbon-mdThe charity and not-for-profit voluntary sector plays a major role in our society at home and abroad, making sure that issues and causes are heard and that the most vulnerable in society have a voice and support.

We believe that charities work best when they work in partnership with other organisations in civil society such as trade unions and progressive businesses. Charities can bring significant expertise about a single issue, such as mental health, the environment, HIV & AIDS and international development. Trade unions can help charities reach thousands of new people and business can help put charitable aims into practice by offering financial and other support.

How we can help

We can help charities and other organisations in the not-for-profit sector build relationships with trade unions and businesses to help meet your objectives. Sometimes it might be something as small as offering a meeting room for free, or it could be about building a long-term business relationship.

We can also offer the range of other services we provide, such as facilitating workshops, speaking at conferences, undertaking research and evaluation or managing an education project.

Examples of our work

  • We helped a leading national HIV & AIDS charity build partnerships with trade unions and employers to help prevent discrimination against people living with HIV in the workplace.
  • Training for a national charity dedicated to preventing youth violence on principles and practice of behaviour change.
  • Evaluation of international development education projects.
  • Management of European Union funded international development projects.
  • Training on advocacy and campaigning.

Get in Touch

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