education-quotes-thoughts-powerful-weapon-nelson-mandela (1)Education is a good thing, yes? Of course it is, but it can be much more of a good thing if properly designed and effectively delivered and evaluated.

Education and training is first and foremost a way for individuals to enhance their own personal development and should be welcomed for this alone. However, in the work environment we usually want education and training to also contribute to organisational as well as personal goals.

Because education and training are regarded as universal goods, there is a danger that insufficient attention is paid to making sure that the maximum benefit is obtained.

All too often education and training falls short of its potential for both organisations and individuals because it has not been well-designed and its impact has not been properly assessed. Forget the end of course ‘happy sheets’ – these are notorious for providing misleading information that overstates the value of a course.

The big questions to ask are ‘What difference has the education or training made?’  Is it expected or unexpected?’ ‘Is it beneficial?’ and ‘How can we tell what difference it has made?

Billions are spent on education and training every year, much of which is wasted on poorly designed interventions that do not achieve the results that they should.

How can we help?

We have over twenty-five years experience in designing, delivering and evaluating education, from post-graduate courses that lead to recognised qualifications through to interventions of an hour or even less.

We will work with you to establish your goals and to design a course or programme that has clearly defined objectives that can be effectively monitored and evaluated.

We will build in evaluation from the beginning right through to the period after a programme has ended to enable you to assess how effective the education or training has been.

If we cannot deliver the training ourselves, then we will find someone who can.

Examples of our work

  • Modules on social marketing for an international United Nations agency, national and international membership based organisations.
  • Specifically tailored ‘train the trainers’ courses for UK trade unions and NGOs.
  • Post-graduate executive education programme for an international professional sports players association.
  • International development education for national College and international NGO.
  • And much more – just ask

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