Epitaph of Malcolm McClaren
Epitaph of Malcolm McLaren

Evaluation is all about judging degrees of success in outcomes, processes and the lessons for the future. While we may not always agree with Sex Pistols guru Malcolm McLaren, we understand that  failure in the present is the often driver for future success.  Evaluation can take different forms but the most common and beneficial are:

  • Risk assessments – does the organisation have the requisite resources to achieve programme/project objectives? What controls are in place to ensure compliance with programme/project rules?
  • Evaluation against objectives – did the programme/project achieve its stated objectives? What outputs can be observed?
  • Process evaluation – was the programme/project run in a way that was efficient, effective and in accordance with programme/project specification? Did the programme/project comply with specified rules, such as those imposed by external funders?
  • Impact evaluation – perhaps the most important yet difficult to measure type of assessment. Did the programme, project, course or other activity make a difference in the longer term? What changed as a result of the intervention?

We strongly believe that evaluations should be forward looking and focus on lessons learned and future opportunities. Even if conducting a strictly end of project evaluation we still have these objectives firmly in mind in order to help your organisation develop and make the best use of your experience of the project.

How can we help?

We have evaluated over ten major projects for national and international clients. We can help with all or some of the following evaluation tasks:

  • Undertaking risk assessments
  • Developing data collection tools
  • Designing and analysing surveys
  • Conducting one-to-one and focus group discussions; and
  • Completing desk research.

 Examples of our work

  • Evaluation of EU Sports Unit on-line Academy project
  • Evaluation of Leonardo on-line education project
  • Evaluation of Grundtvig adult education project
  • Evaluation of European Social Fund Objective 3 project.
  • Evaluation of international development education project; and
  • Evaluation of global HIV workplace education projects.

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