Project Management

pmProject management is the mobilising and application of resources, processes, methods, skills and knowledge to achieve the project’s objectives.

The project design underpins all the other aspects of project management. Is the project feasible with the resources and people available? What is the rationale for the project? Does it meet your organisational needs?

Once a project has been agreed and funding found for it (big tasks in their own right) you will need a management and implementation plan, a risk assessment, a monitoring plan and financial management and controls. You will also need a communications and dissemination strategy and proposals for closing the project – an exit strategy.

Effective project management can help ensure the project meets its objectives, that it uses resources effectively and efficiently and that the benefits of the project are widely disseminated.

How can we help?

We have managed or provided management consultancy for over fifteen national and international education projects. Our work has included:

  • Developing project rationale
  • Project design
  • Bid writing and resource mobilisation
  • Project implementation and financial management
  • Training for project staff on all aspects of project management
  • Developing monitoring tools
  • Communications and dissemination strategy; and
  • Exit strategies

 Examples of our work

  • Full project management of over five projects for national and international clients
  • Risk assessments for three major clients
  • Project management consultancy for major creative industries trade union
  • Project management training for leading NGOs
  • Development of data collection tools for three EU funded projects; and
  • Exit strategies for UK trade union education projects

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