ideas_13Research can take many forms but, at its heart, it is about finding out in a systematic way something you want to know.

For a trade union or membership based organisations it could be finding out why some people do not join your organisation. This knowledge could help you target benefits and services more closely to help attract ‘non joiners’ into membership. For an international NGO it could be about how to bring about a desired change in behaviour, such as making healthy choices in sexual behaviour.

Alternatively you may wish to improve the skills of your organisation so you can undertake better quality research internally without incurring the costs of contracting an external specialist.

Research can be a long term study into complex behaviours or it could be a quick survey to find out something simple but important, such as how members of the public view your organisation.

How can we help?

Obtaining quality data from your research depends on asking the right questions in the right way. We can help you design your research from the outset so you get this right from the beginning.

We have particular expertise in qualitative methods as we believe that complex human behaviour cannot be reduced to a few numbers, however superficially attractive they might seem. We can design and conduct surveys, undertake one-to-one interviews and lead focus group discussions. We also specialise in case study research for that extra in depth examination.

A great deal of data is already in the public domain and very often you can find what you want through searches of databases and library resources. We have many years experience in conducting ‘desktop’ research.

We have expertise in teaching research methods at Masters Level, so if you want to gain some insight and be able to conduct your own investigations we can provide training for your staff.

Whatever your needs we will always provide you with written proposals and fully referenced reports.

Examples of our work

  • Unique research via surveys and interviews into match-fixing in professional football in Europe.
  • Impact assessments research into workplace representative training via online surveys and one-to-one interviews.
  • ‘Desktop’ research into young people’s experience of trade unions and the challenges facing trade unions in recruiting young members.
  • Interdisciplinary research into discrimination in sport leading to a major publication.

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