booksBelow is a selection of publications by Dr Andy Harvey

2017 (forthcoming)

‘Academics v activists: making sense homophobia in male team sport’ (Chapter in edited volume, Sport and Discrimination). London: Routledge.


Boys will be Boys?  An Interdisciplinary Study of Sport, Masculinity and Sexuality. Oxford: Fisher Imprints.

 ‘Match-fixing in International Sport’. Chapter co-authored with Haim Levi. In Byers, Terri (ed.) Contemporary Issues in Sport Management: an Introduction, London: Sage.

 Sport, Identity and Community. E-book co-edited with Richard Kimball. Oxford: Inter-disciplinary Press.


‘Social Marketing: Discouraging Fraud and Corruption in Sport’. ICSS Journal, Vol.3 No. 3.

‘Match-fixing: Working towards an Ethical Framework’. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, Vol. 42:3 (2015), 393-407.


Don’t Fix It! Players Questionnaire: Results and Analysis. Co-authored with Haim Levi. FIFPro, UEFA, European Commission, Birkbeck, May 2014.

Protect our Game: A Good Practice Guide to Tackle Match-Fixing In Football. FIFPro, UEFA, European Commission, Birkbeck, May 2014.


‘Intolerance and Joy, Violence and Love among Male Football Fans: Towards a Psychosocial Explanation of ‘Excessive’ Behaviours’. Co-authored with Agnieszka Piotrowska. Sport in Society, 2013, Vol. 16, 10, 1404 – 1412.

‘Team Work? Using Sporting Fiction as an Historical Archive and Source of Developing Theoretical Approaches to Sport History’The International Journal of the History of Sport, 2013 Vol. 30, No 2, 131-144.


‘It’s Only a Game? Sport, Sexuality and War in Don DeLillo’s End Zone’. Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature. XXVIII: 1 (Fall 2010/Winter 2011): 99–110. Published August 2012.

Tom Brown’s Schooldays: “Sportsex” in Victorian Britain’Critical Survey 24, Number 1, (Spring 2012): 17-29.

‘Regulating Homophobic Hate Speech: Back to Basics about Language and Politics?’ Sexualities 15 (2) (March 2012). 191-206.


Match-fixing in football: outline of a new approach to combat corruption in sport. Birkbeck Sports Business Seminar, 2 June 2015.  

Confused and conflicted: recent research findings concerning homophobia in sport. Sport and Discrimination Conference, University of Sunderland London Campus, May 2015. 

Match-fixing in literature. Marginalised Mainstream Conference, Senate House London, November 2014 (Invited plenary speaker).

Match-fixing in sport: working towards and ethical framework. Sport Conference, Oxford, August 2014.

Final report on research findings into match-fixing in professional football in Europe. ‘Don’t Fix It!’ final conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2014.

Match-fixing in literature. Literature and Physical Culture Conference, De Montfort University, Leicester, April 2014.

Interim report on research findings into match-fixing in professional football in Europe. ‘Don’t Fix It!’ conference, Budapest, Hungary, May 2013.

Boy is girl? Feminine masculinities in the all-male locker room. Critical Social Psychology Conference, Barcelona, February 2013. 

Intolerance and violence among spectators: towards a psychosocial explanation. Sport Conference, Salzburg, November 2012.

Using sporting fiction as an historical archive and source of developing theoretical approaches to sport history. British Society for Sport History, Glasgow, September 2012.

It’s only a game? Sport, sexuality and war in Don DeLillo’s End Zone. Sports Literature Association Conference, Springfield Massachusetts, USA. (Delivered in absentia).

Making men: the unlikely and ambiguous tale of Tom Brown’s Schooldays (1857). Masculinities/Femininities Conference, Prague, May 2012. 

Team work? Using sporting fiction as a traditional historical archive and source of post-structuralist theory. Social History Conference, Brighton, April 2012.

Tackling homophobia in the workplace. Bullying, Difference and Desire Seminar, London, March 2012.

More of the Christian and less of the muscular: a re-evaluation of sport in Tom Brown’s Schooldays. British Society for Sports History Conference, London, September 2011.

Sport, Homophobia and Psychoanalysis. European Association for the Philosophy of Sport Conference, Prague, May 2011 (with Agnieszka Piotrowska).

Regulating Homophobic Hate Speech.  Socio-legal Studies Association Conference, University of Sussex, April 2011.

Report of Final Evaluation of FIFPro Online Academy project. Dublin, March 2012.

Staging the Sixties, ‘This Sporting Life’ by David Storey. British Society for Sports History Conference, London, September 2010. 

Staging the Sixties, ‘This Sporting Life’ by David Storey. Masculine Identifications Conference, University of Huddersfield, July 2010. 


Fact or Fiction, London: HIVsport, 2012

Sport and International Development: London, HIVsport, 2011. 

Sport, HIV and Aids: the facts, London: HIVsport, 2010