Behaviour Change

PlatoBehaviour Change  programmes came about in the light of the failure of traditional information and education interventions to make a significant impact on influencing complex areas of human behaviour, such as illegal drug use.

While it is necessary to equip people with the information, skills, power and confidence to make correct choices, there is also a need to attend to the surrounding social, cultural and economic environment as well as personal skills.

Behaviour Change  programmes adopt a holistic approach towards behaviour outcomes based on principles of social marketing and are designed to be universal as they take account of culturally specific factors.  Behaviour Change Communication programmes can be used in any circumstances where desired behaviour outcomes are an objective, such as adopting healthy eating behaviours, voting for a political party, or stopping smoking or gambling for example. .

The focus of Behaviour Change  is developing highly tailored messages as part of an overarching strategic campaign and making sure those messages are delivered through media (especially peer education) that the target group respect and listen to. Further, the messages need to be backed up with resources where needed so that the individual feels supported in adopting a particular behaviour.

How can we help?

We can help you with all stages of the Behaviour Change  programme process, including:

  • Undertaking research into your target groups or beneficiaries.
  • Analysing the political, economic, socio-cultural and technological environment of the programme.
  • Providing training on the principles and practice of Strategic Behaviour Change .
  • Developing and testing materials.
  • Monitoring and evaluating programmes.

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