Sports Integrity

Good Practice GuideAre you doing all you can to ensure fair competition in your sport?

Is your organisation complying with UKsport and governing bodies’ codes on integrity?

Are you taking sufficient steps to prevent corruption and unfair manipulation of sport?

Without integrity, sport becomes a meaningless activity that has no value as a cultural or economic product. Match-fixing, doping, illegal gambling, corruption and other illicit activities all threaten to undermine sports and to render them worthless.

Protecting the integrity of your sport requires constant vigilance and rigorous prevention and education strategies. Ensuring that your sport is clean, and that competition is fair, underpins everything you do as a sporting organisation.

How can we help?

We can undertake a sports integrity audit which will provide you with:

  • a rapid health check on the measures you are taking to protect the integrity of both your sport and your organisation.
  • suggest ways in which you can improve your systems and practices to ensure compliance with best practice and achieve the ultimate goal of clean and fair sport.

For more details, download our sport-integrity flyer.

Examples of our work:

  • Research into match-fixing in European football resulting in a Good Practice Guide to prevent corruption.
  • Impact evaluation of strategies to prevent match-fixing by professional footballers associations.
  • Articles and chapters on prevention of corruption in sport.
  • Talks at conferences, seminars and workshops

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