Trade Unions

educationTrade unions are the bedrock of civil society and a cornerstone of democracy. We are proud to have worked with national and international trade unions supporting unions to better represent their members and to secure a fair deal at work for working people.

Aspiration is not the preserve of an elite but is shared by everyone who wants to make a decent living for doing a fair day’s work. It is a belief that is shared by good employers as well. We passionately believe in education as the means by which trade union members can help themselves and their colleagues in a rapidly changing world.

Trade unions spend huge sums of money each year in educating and training their representatives and members so they can improve their own lives and the lives of their family and colleagues. It is vital that scare resources go a long way.

As society changes and new challenges emerge, trade union education needs to change to keep pace and to help set the agenda for the future. We can work closely with you to develop tailored interventions to improve your organisational performance.

How can we help?

We can review your education provision and assess it against your strategic objectives. Is your education service helping to achieve the organisational goals that you want from it?

Is your education having the impact you expect? We can undertake an impact assessment to help you determine how effective the training and other provision is working for you.

Does your senior team have all the knowledge and skills needed for their strategic roles? We can provide executive and leadership education to make sure they do.

How well are your reps performing in the workplace? What support do they need? We can undertake research to find out and make sure you have the right information to guide you in the future.

As external funding becomes harder to obtain, we can help you with a strategy to make sure that you keep the most important parts of your projects so you don’t lose vital staff and knowledge.

Do you need expert trade union tutors to help deliver your programme? Ask us and we can help.

Examples of our work

  • Executive education for leading international trade union federation to help senior managers of affiliates to grow their unions.
  • Reshaping of reps education for major health sector union to better meet organisational strategy.
  • Research and conference training on improving young people’s engagement with trade unions for European confederations.
  • Consultancy to leading creative industries union to mobilise resources and develop a strategic lifelong learning programme in a hard to organise sector.
  • Management of large trade union education programme for UK trade union federation.
  • Capacity building assistance for emerging trade unions in developing countries.

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